Lower Class Brats

Everything you need to know about lower class brats.

hardcoreIt’s interesting to see how hardcore punk has become such a popular musical genre in recent years. Much of this is thanks to how hardcore punk is known to be a little heavier than other forms of punk. There’s also a good political bent that can be found in many parts of this style of punk rock.

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Punk Festivals are Still Big

Posted By on Jan 30, 2014

festivalThe music festival has become a huge standby in the world of punk rock. The music festival, simply put, is a type of event that will offer a large variety of bands performing in one area over a few days. It’s a type of festival that has become big in many forms with all sorts of top festivals being highly-anticipated events every year. These include the Coachella and South By Southwest festivals among many others.

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riotIf you’ve ever seen a punk rock show or checked out different websites and magazines relating to the genre then the odds are you have more than likely seen some interesting stories about riot grrrl culture. This is a part of punk rock that women have particularly taken part in over the years.

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